Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.





Weekly Update #1

Improved bulk actions
You can now enjoy improved stability and reliability when using our bulk mark read/unread and bulk archive functions.
Enhanced user interface
You'll experience a more uniform and professional look as we have cleaned up the LinkedIn user names. Say goodbye to messages starting with "Hello John🔥".
Better context and UI for bulk messaging
When reviewing bulk messages, you can now see the profile details, giving you a better understanding of who you are writing to.
We have also resized the bulk message editor modal to give you more room to compose your messages efficiently.
Improved tag popup
To ensure a smoother experience, we have set a maximum height for the Tags popover to prevent any overflow issues when you have a large number of tags.
Streamlined synchronization
Not visited Poked for a long time and missing data? Now, you can trigger a full re-synchronization with your LinkedIn data directly from the settings page. Stay informed about the progress and make sure your data is always current.
Enhanced onboarding experience
No more waiting around! As soon as the minimum required data is available, you will be redirected to the app. Enjoy a seamless onboarding experience from the get-go.
Simplified logout process
For your convenience, we have removed the /logout page. You can now log out directly from the settings page with ease.
Fixed bugs
We have addressed issues related to marking conversations as unread and closing the bulk message editor. In addition, we have made design improvements to the final step of the bulk message editor modal for a better user experience.
We're excited to introduce our new Bulk Messaging feature, aimed at revolutionizing your LinkedIn network engagement. At Poked, we believe in the power of quality and personalization over quantity. With Bulk Messaging, you can now move away from cold, impersonal outreach and unlock the ability to personalize your communication at scale.
The feature combined with Filters allows you to quickly select specific segments of your network. This streamlines your outreach process and ensures that every message you send is highly targeted and effective.
Crafting personalized messages has never been easier. Utilize our customizable templates with placeholders for first and last names, adding a personal touch to each bulk message. Before sending, review and customize each message in a dedicated step. Access rich information about your contacts' profiles, including work experience, education, skills, and personal notes, right next to your message draft. This level of detail allows you to transform generic outreach into meaningful conversations with highly specific customization.
Once your messages are ready, schedule your campaigns with precision, and ensure the highest level of integrity for your LinkedIn account.
Poked Mass-Tag from .CSV allows you to use any export list of LinkedIn connections (from automation tools such as Phantombuster, Waalaxy, Expandi, LGM, etc.) and mass-Tag them in Poked.
Use this to quickly organize your LinkedIn network into clear groups.
Poked takes all its power from a fully synchronized network: It makes searching and exporting much more relevant. But so far, you had to sync profiles manually.
Not anymore!
Poked now automatically synchronizes your LinkedIn profiles when your computer is on, to the tune of 50 profiles per day.
We just released the "new conversation" module! It's fast and simple. New messages are also accessible from your connections CRM, when you click on a contacts' envelope icon.
Browse through your connections like never before!
We just released the v1 of our advanced filters, letting you browse through all your connections on 17 data points:# Ask for more filters!
What filters would you like to have? What conditions of filtering are important to you? Please let us know in the comments or reach out to Jules Maregiano on LinkedIn or via the support!
Export your contacts information
You can now export all, or a selection, of all your LinkedIn contacts.
Make sure to synchronize all your contacts first to have all the data available.
Available informations
Access Tags and Note right where you need them
When working in the DMs, or browsing potential leads' profiles, it's useful to organize your network. Tags, Notes, already solve this issue, but only within the Poked app.
To make that process easier, and by that, allowing you to have more context at your disposal, we've brougth Profile informations in a sliding panel back into LinkedIn. That way, taking notes and organizing your network becomes second nature.
Taking note is crucial to remember things that are not publicly available in a LinkedIn profile: You can now take notes in Poked and directly in the ProfilePanel, directly into LinkedIn, from a profile page, or an inbox conversation.